The Irish House is dedicated to bringing you all the best in live sport, shown on our big screen plus 6 flat-screen TVs.

We show all major sporting events, including football, rugby, GAA, cricket, golf and much more. See the calender below for upcoming events.

Live Sport in May

Tues 2nd                                             Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid                                20:45

Weds 3rd                                           Monaco v Juventus                                                     20:45

                                                            Ajax v Lyon                                                                   18:45

Thurs 4th                                           Celta Vigo v Man Utd                                                  21:05

Fri 5th                                                West Ham v Spurs                                                        21:00

Sat 6th                                               Man City v Crystal Palace                                            13:30

                                                            Leicester v Watford                                                      16:00                                                                                                                                         Swansea v Everton                                                       18:30

Sun 7th                                              Liverpool v Southampton                                            14:30

                                                            Arsenal v Man Utd                                                       17:00

Mon 8th                                             Chelsea v Middlesbrough                                           21:00

Tues 9th                                             Juventus v Monaco                                                      20:45                          

Weds 10th                                          Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid                                 20:45

                                                             Southampton v Arsenal                                             20:45

Thurs 11th                                          Lyon v Ajax                                                                    21:05  

                                                             Man Utd v Celta Vigo                                                  21:05

Fri 12th                                               West Brom v Chelsea                                                   21:00

Sat 13th                                              Man City v Leicester                                                      13:30

                                                            Stoke v Arsenal                                                               18:30

Sun 14th                                             West Ham v Liverpool                                                  15:15

                                                            Spurs v Man Utd                                                             17:30

Mon 15th                                              Chelsea v Watford                                                        21:00

Tues 16th                                              Arsenal v Sunderland                                                   20:45

                                                                Man City v West Brom                                                21:00

Weds 17th                                             Southampton v Man Utd                                              20:45

Thurs 18th                                             Leicester v Spurs                                                         20:45

Sun 21st                                                Arsenal v Everton                                                         16:00

                                                            Cheslea v Sunderland                                                   16:00

                                                            Liverpool v Middlesbrough                                          16:00

                                                            Man Utd v Crystal Palace                                             16:00

Weds 24th                                             Europa League Final                                                    20:45

Sat 27th                                                 Arsenal v Chelsea                                                         18:30

All on Big Screen + 7 Flat Screens
We also Show all AAB games, La Liga and GAA Every Weekend…

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