Food & Drinks

The Irish House boasts an extensive selection of Irish and world beers, as well as a wide range of Irish and Scotch whiskeys. Traditional food is served daily until 9pm.

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Irish specialities

Traditional Irish CoffeeIrish Coffee — the Irish way

At The Irish House we proudly serve our Irish coffees the traditional Irish way: We mix a shot of Irish whiskey (or two, or maybe even three…!) with good quality coffee and a teaspoon of soft brown sugar, stir until the sugar is dissolved, top with a layer of freshly whipped cream and serve. The delicious hot coffee and whisky mix should be sipped through the layer of cream — we don’t stir the cream into the coffee and we don’t serve our Irish coffees with straws.


Any Irish pub worth its salt should be able to serve a truly delicious pint of Guinness, and The Irish House is no exception. It takes 119 seconds to serve the perfect pint of Guinness — see how it should be done here.


Homemade Irish StewIrish Stew

One of the most popular dishes on our menu is our traditional homemade Irish Stew. On a cold day, there is nothing like a steaming bowl of stew to warm you, and we make sure that ours is packed with tender lamb and delicious vegetables for a truly hearty meal. Want to have a go at making it yourself? Then download our recipe (PDF).


The Yard of Ale

The Yard of Ale is a popular pub pastime the world over — the perfect opportunity to once and for all prove your drinking skills to friends and strangers alike. However, getting your name on our Yard of Ale leader board is no easy task — The Irish House record is currently an impressive 9.6 seconds! Think you’ve got what it takes? Then speak to the bar staff.